Painting by Miller Mair: after West View by Michael Whittlsea 2010
Painting by Miller Mair: after Iona Croft by FC Cadell 2009
Painting by Miller Mair: after the Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh 2009
Painting by Miller Mair: after the Magic Apple Tree by Samuel Palmer 2009

Welcome to the PCPA

This site is the web home of the Personal Construct Psychology Association
Using this site you can identify:

• Our identity as a Member of the 'Constructivist and Existential College' of the UK Council for Psychotherapy.

• Our Register of all qualified PCP therapists in the UK.

• Want to know about the Diploma (see diploma)

• A range of interest for Personal Construct Psychology in areas such as Education, Coaching, Organisations, Politics and Religion (see Communities)

• Links to other sites with abundant knowledge about the subject and its place in the world of therapy and psychology (see Links)

• Our Courses and days (for Coventry, London & for York)

• Some materials such as videos (see media)

• Places where we can be reached (Contact)

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