Painting by Miller Mair: after West View by Michael Whittlsea 2010
Painting by Miller Mair: after Iona Croft by FC Cadell 2009
Painting by Miller Mair: after the Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh 2009
Painting by Miller Mair: after the Magic Apple Tree by Samuel Palmer 2009

Welcome to the PCPA

As the Chair I would like to welcome you to the new website of the UK Personal Construct Psychology Association (PCPA). This new website is the first step in improving PCPA's presence on the Internet. We hope that it will provide a Locus for all activities related to Personal Construct Psychology within the UK.

In the past PCPA's focus has been upon psychotherapy training. PCPA is a Member of the 'Constructivist and Existential College' ( of the UK Council for Psychotherapy. As a training and registering Organisational Member of UKCP ( PCPA keeps a register of all qualified PCP therapists in the UK.

But the range of interest of PCP has always been more than just therapy. Other areas such as Education, Coaching, Organisations, Politics and Religion have all been written about within a PCP perspective. It is our intention to put a renewed emphasis on these areas... and on other areas not yet explored.

Good websites are catalysts for interaction between interested people. I hope that you will visit this website, find it a useful source of information about what is going on within PCP, and be inspired to contribute to the development of PCP.

You can contact me directly at or via other contacts who are identified on the website.

Peter Cummins

Chair of the PCPA