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Coventry Constructivist Centre
PCP Coventry Quarterly Study Days Programme 2017

Each day includes a focus on a specific PCP technique (For each of these days, please confirm if you intend to come so that I can send out materials and references ahead of time)

June 9th 2017 Dr. Diane Allen and Sally Robbins – PCP and Dementia: How can PCP help us with best practice for clients, their friends and family, and ourselves?
Special Focus i.e. relevance to a wide range of working environments: The construing of age and of caregiving

September 15th 2017 Mary Frances – a.m. Nests of Meaning: Alternative ways of understanding constructs, p.m. Identity, Diversity, and Privilege
Special focus i.e. relevance to a wide range of working environments: Diversity, complexity, and ways to understand others’ construing on their own terms

December 8th 2017 Prof Viv Burr – Construing the generation gap (n.b. this includes the construing of young people)

Contact Sally Robbins sally@covpcp.com 07508 399 452 to book a place.
The cost, which includes tea, coffee and cake, is £20 per day. Study Days run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The venue is Queen’s Road Baptist Church, Coventry, CV1 3FE which is near to Coventry Station and its car park, and also to other parking – see the qrbc website for further details. There is wifi, an on-site café where you can buy lunch, and other cafes within 400 yards. – see qrbc website