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The UKCP Standards of Education and Training for adult psychotherapy have recently been revised and published. Revision of the Standards for Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy is currently under way.

Adele has been involved in this working group where the aim is to produce the over-arching document for training child psychotherapists, equipping them with the skills, competencies, behaviours and maturity essential to attain this title. Once the documents have been agreed by the working group they will be sent out for consultation in the wider population.
For more information contact Adele, details below 

The Clinical / Therapy Community of practice maintains a register of personal construct psychotherapists who have completed an accredited 4-year postgraduate programme of training. Their commitment to safe and effective practice for the benefit of clients is supported by an annual re-registration process that requires evidence of continuing professional and personal development and clinical supervision and a declaration that they continue to abide by the PCPA and UKCP Codes of Ethics and Professional Conduct.
PCPA represents its members in the UK Council for Psychotherapy via the Executive of the Constructivist and Existential College and the Child Faculty.

Adele Pile Adele Pile leads the Clinical / Therapy Community of Practice. She is a dually qualified psychotherapist and speech and language therapist with a background in NHS management as well as clinical practice and would love to hear from you: adele.pile47@gmail.com