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Registered Psychotherapists

Rachael Ward

Client Group: Children, young people and adults
Location: Uttoxeter, Staffordshire
Contact Information:
E-mail: rachael.e.ward1@gmail.com


Focus of practice:

  • Psychotherapist within Psychosis Pathway team, CAMHS service
  •  Psychotherapist with MIND, mental Health charity
  •  Private practice working with children, young people and adults


  •  BA (Hons)
  •  Registered Mental Health Nurse
  •  Diploma in Personal Construct Counselling and Psychotherapy, registered with UKCP
  • Experience in Community Mental Health Service
  • Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprogramming (EMDR)
  • Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
Paul Harvey

Client Group: Adults
Location: Chester
Contact: Telephone :07465 894467
Email: info@letstalkaboutyou.cco.uk
Website: www.letstalkaboutyou.co.uk


Clare Morris

Client Group: People with dementia and their families 
Location: London
Contact: 07545 287139


  • Speech and Language Therapist
  • PCP/Systemic Practice Psychotherapist
  • Yoga Teacher

Focus of practice:

The focus of my work is in developing therapeutic interventions for people with
dementia and their families, including those at risk of genetic forms of dementia.
I work both independently and have founded a Community Interest Company to
develop inclusive, accessible and sustainable activity for people living with
dementia, their families and friends. Yoga therapy, cycling projects, music, art
and counselling, and the opportunity to be part of this growing company.
Learning and relearning skills and influencing decision making to raise the
funding to make meaningful supportive services accessible for all. See
I also run workshops and courses with a view to making therapeutic and
validating activities more widespread. I am based in London but the vision is
nationwide. My publications on the experience of symptoms of dementia,
Personal Construct Psychology and Dementia, and Yoga with people with
dementia can be downloaded from my website: www.personalconstructpsychology.co.uk/publications/

Jenny Newland

Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Coach, Educator
Location: Perth (Scotland)
Tel:07954 229 255


Jenny has been a practising psychotherapist for the last 12 years. Since studying Psychology at University, she has worked in many settings along the way, all of which contribute to where she is today. Her experience includes being a midwife, a specialist maths educator, a sports coach, parenting and making short animated films. Jenny’s approach is creative, patient, respectful, sensitive and practical with the aim of helping people to learn, grow and overcome life's many challenges. She currently offers Psychotherapy, Counselling, Coaching and sensitive Maths education online and can also offer outdoor "walking and talking" therapy in person in the Perth (Scotland) area.
Formal Qualifications
Diploma in Personal Construct Counselling and Psychotherapy (UKCP Registered)
Whitewater river Leader
Level 1 Paddle-sports coach
Qualified Midwife
BSc (hons) Psychology


Adele Pile

CLIENT GROUP: Counselling and psychotherapy with adults, young people and families
Location: Clients may be seen at Spring Gardens Clinic, Canterbury or another suitable venue in West Kent
Contact: adele.pile47@gmail.com



Diploma in Personal Construct Psychotherapy and Counselling, 2002, registered with UK Council for Psychotherapy
Registered speech and language therapist with the Health and Care Professions Council

CURRENT NHS PRACTICE: Specialist Speech and Language Therapy service for adults who stammer or have other communication difficulties; GPs throughout Kent can refer clients to their local service.
My qualification and experience as a psychotherapist has enhanced my original training and career as a speech and language therapist and acknowledges that many of the problems that we face in our personal communications and social interactions arise from the way we see ourselves and how we make sense of our experiences and the world around us.

Focus of practice:

  • specialist knowledge and experience of working with communication difficulties, recently acquired or long-standing such as stammering (stuttering)
  • anxiety, depression or social isolation which may result from a recent trauma, bereavement, loss of role or illness
  • short courses for health care professionals on integrating PCP approaches into their work
  • professional supervision for qualified and trainee counsellors and psychotherapists
  • PCP learning and development events
  • assessment of professional training standards through membership of UKCP committees
Sally Robbins

CLIENT GROUP: Older People and their carers,
Location - Coventry, Leamington Spa, Rugby, and surroundings. Further afield for teaching and training.
Contact - sally@covpcp.com
M: 07508 399 452


Focus of practice:

  •  older people and their carers, including emotional difficulties and work related to memory problems and dementia
  • work with adults of all ages related to maximising the potential to have a satisfying life, including 'Recognise Your Strengths' workshop
  • training, teaching and supervision in PCP, including a web-based monthly supervision group

    Experience and Training:
    • Qualified Clinical Psychologist with 35 years of service in the NHS
    • HCPC registered and BUPA recognised
    •  Chartered Psychologist, National Assessor for the British Psychological Society
    • Past Chair of BPS Faculty of the Psychology of Older People
    • Personal Construct Psychotherapist, UKCP registered
Cathy Sparkes

CLIENT GROUP: Clients with brain injuries and their families & friends.
Location : Teddington, TW11
Contact Info:
T: 02089430695
M: 07970558072
E: cathy@cathysparkes.co.uk
W: www.cathysparkes.co.uk


I work as a Counsellor, Supervisor and Coach with people who are facing concerns, dilemmas and challenges in their lives. I worked for 18 years as a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) with individuals who have experienced a neurological condition and their family/friends. In 2003 I qualified as a Counsellor (PCP) and since that time have worked with the same client group in this role. Through my experience of working as an SLT and Counsellor, I have also supervised, and more recently coached, many health care professionals in the public and private sectors.

My specific areas of interest are:

  • Developing creative approaches to enrich my own and others’ lives and practice.
  • Supporting individuals and organisations to prioritise and value support and self-care.
  • Facilitating people who are unsure how to move forward and helping them discover
    options and alternatives

    •  BSc Speech and Language Therapy (1986)
    •  Diploma in Personal Construct Psychology (PCP) Counselling &
      Psychotherapy (2003)
    •  Certificate in Personal Construct Psychology (PCP) Practice for Coaching (2014)

Sharon Young

Location: London SW6
Contact : Tel: +44 20 7385 1166
email: sharonyoung90@gmail.com


Focus of practice

  • One to one psychotherapy

  • Diploma in PCP Psychotherapy and Counselling, 2006. registered with UKCP
  • BA in Psychology
  • Graduate member of British Psychological Society

David Pike
Location: Derbyshire
Phone: 01543 442012
Email:  David.pike@sssft.nhs.uk

Grant Weselby

Client: adolescents, adults and couples

Location: Coventry
Work Tel: goes here
Work Mobile: goes here
Email: email@goeshere.com


  – is an HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist with 30 years NHS experience working with people experiencing a wide range psychological distress. Currently he works as a private psychological therapist offering therapeutic sessions in both outdoor settings and online. He holds a diploma in Personal Construct Psychotherapy and Counselling and has 25 years’ experience of applying Personal Construct Psychology in his clinical practice.


​​Dr. Diane Allen

Client Group: Adults
Location: Coventry and Warwickshire area
contact: www.clarendonpractice.co.uk


Diane has worked for the NHS as a general nurse and psychiatric nurse and has also worked as a lecturer in further and higher education. She worked as a psychologist in the NHS from 1999 to 2014 when she retired to concentrate on
private practice.

Focus of practice:

Qualifications and experience:
  • Diploma in Personal Construct Counselling and Psychotherapy (2001),
    registered with UKCP
  •  Chartered Counselling Psychologist and Associate Fellow, British
  • Psychological Society (2003)
  • Registered with HCPC as Practitioner Psychologist
Gina Selby

Location: Berkshire
Phone: 01189 811793
email: ginaselby@hotmail.com

Dennis Bury
Dennis Bury is a Counselling Psychologist, a UKCP Registered Personal Construct Therapist and an Accredited CBT Therapist. Location: North London and City [also by media].
Contact: PCP Association, The Clarendon Practice, 3 the Quadrant, Warwick Road, Coventry CV1 2DY
phone: 07469 952112
email: dennisscience@hotmail.com
Modus: Face to Face or telephone or media
Link: www.dennisburypsychologist.co.uk


Brief Bio
Dennis has been in counselling and therapy since early 1970’s. He has taught psychology to undergraduates for some years where he adopts the view that human kind will not surmount its difficulties without the aid psychological science. He has been a member of the Council of the Conflict Research Society and currently is a member of the advisory body to the Council. His interest in the conflict theme focuses upon the psychological make-up of tyrants and, consequently, has a helping role for those facing bullying. He is a Board Member for the Personal Construct Psychology Association.

His outlook on therapies is that they all provide tools; this is especially the case in the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and also Personal Construct Therapy. He takes the view that we can only know reality through the tools we use, never reality itself. This rather ‘Plato-like’ view [Plato thought that we could only see our shadows, as in firelight] means that we have to leave a lot of room for people as creative beings and a certain gap in our knowing about how things are – tolerating the puzzles we have.

First Meetings
To begin Dennis will show want to know how you are feeling and what it is that you face. He will then seek, by means of questionnaires and stories of what has been going on, to find out how you see the world. From there, based upon what evidence there is for what works and for whom it works, he will offer experiments for you which are designed to help change things or you – hopefully for a better time.

Dennis has the following therapies in focus CBT, PCP, REBT and Multi Modal Therapy.

Ian Gillman-Smith


CLIENT GROUP: Adults and couples
Tel: 07858005672
Email: Ian@gillmansmith.com
Website: www.iangillmansmith.co.uk

UKCP registered Psychotherapist, HCPC registered Social Worker and Expert Witness


Focus of practise

Ian has worked in mental health and social care for the last twenty-eight years. He has a breadth and depth of experience, both as a highly experienced social work practitioner and psychotherapist.

He has completed advanced psychotherapy training in Personal Construct Psychology and has been the Chair for the Personal Construct Psychology Association, which is the registered Member Organisation of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy. Ian provides private psychotherapy services to adults and couples as well as professional supervision.

Ian teaches in a number of forums with respect to mental health, psychotherapy and counselling provision.

He provides sessional teaching, on the Doctorate Couse in Clinical Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire as a visiting lecturer. Ian is also accredited by the Law Society and the Institute of Legal Executives to deliver continuing professional development training to legal professionals. Such courses specialise in issues relating to mental health, mental capacity and vulnerable adults.

Ian has been the Deputy Manager of a North London Psychological Therapies Services in an NHS Mental Health Trust for ten years, providing psychological services to adults who are considered to have complex and enduring mental health needs.

Since 1999 Ian has been practicing as an Independent Social Work Consultant and Expert Witness. He is instructed typically by solicitors who specialise in mental health, mental capacity, negligence and human rights law. He has extensive experience with respect writing reports intended for the court and he frequently attends court as an Expert Witness in order to provide oral evidence, typically under cross-examination.


Eileen T Murphy

UKCP and EAP regd psychotherapist
UK +44 784 221 8464
Spain + 34 695 620 995
Skype eileen.murphy40


UKCP and EAP regd psychotherapist

I have 30 years of experience in the fields of psychotherapy and mental health.
My speciality is with eating disorders, addictions and related issues, such as addictions to shopping, sex, relationships.
I offer an holistic approach based on the Kelly-ian maxim that “if you want to know what is wrong with someone, try asking them”.
In this way I work with respectful responsibility which engages in every step of the therapy.

I work in England and Spain and offer distance sessions via media when I am not available in person.

Richard Casebow

Location: Edinburgh

Qualifications and Experience:
Diploma in Personal Construct Counselling and Psychotherapy


Focus of practice:

When I first read George Kelly’s two volume Psychology of Personal Constructs, I had a sense of coming home. I think there were a number of reasons for this. Not least, it matched my experience of having had therapy some years before, where my therapist, although not PCP trained, had very much acted as a supervisor to my experiments in coming up with a change of direction and new life plan. My need for a change came after severe sciatica had disrupted my
fledgling career as an accountant.
In getting myself fit to live a full and active life, which includes running, swimming, hill walking and going to concerts, I had found the Alexander Technique to be an invaluable help. I was and continue to be fascinated by the Alexander Technique and trained as an Alexander Technique teacher, as the first step in a new life. In teaching, I found myself more and more interested in the psychological aspects of learning and in the pupil’s experience of lessons. In looking for a theory that recognised the personal meanings of pupils, and that was fully applicable to my own experience, I came across PCP and with that the sense of coming home, I decided to train as a psychotherapist - so that I now teach the Alexander Technique and practice as a psychotherapist. I find the two
work well together and enrich each other. Along the way I write articles and blog about both and how they interact. In this, PCP is a most congenial psychology for working with embodiment, personal meanings, relationships and the philosophies of life. PCP recognises that each person has to work out their own philosophy of life, as they work out a life plan that hopefully makes them feel as if they have come ‘alive.’ This is Kelly’s definition of successful therapy, which is a wonderful thing to witness happen and is part of the joy of being a therapist. In this, PCP as a therapeutic approach and as a ‘psychology for living’ continues to inspire me as a way of both working and living.