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The authors Procter & Winter of the new book Personal and Relational Construct Psychotherapy (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020) are here interviewed by Peter Cummins and Jelena Pavlovič. Watch it here.

If you would like to read an article of PCP in action then have a look at this site and the article on "Hearing Voices" . This articles explains the perspective of PCP in helpful and insightful language which is easily read and yet contains some fundamental principles of PCP.
Issuu magazine: issuu.com/juliecrom

Harry Procter is interviewed by Peter Cummins about his development of Qualitative grids. In a series of 5 videos he clearly demonstrates how to use these grids. The necessary grid outlines are also provided:
You Tube video

A range of PCP linked videos can be found on the you tube channel of the American Constructivist psychology network:

Heather Moran has a very useful guide to her Draw a Man test, and some of her other projects at: